AIM TOP 0.2g Match Grade Glow in the Dark BBs /Green
點選放大圖 點選放大圖
點選放大圖 點選放大圖
AIM TOP 0.2g match Grade Glow in the Dark Airsoft Tracer BB (5000 rds)

Whight: 0.2g
Golor: Green (Glow in the Dark) 
BB Count:5000 Rounds / Candy Bag
Precision: 10/10 Match Grade
Diameter: 5.95 +/- 0.01mm
Application: For All Airsoft applications

0.12 g - 200~280 fps. Used by some gas and spring weapons. High velocity and low stability.
0.20 g - 240~350 fps.Standard weight for most AEG''''s/GBB''''s uses these or slightly heavier pellets.
0.23 g - 330~420 fps. Heavier pellets for AEG''''s. Blends speed of 0.20g with range and accuracy of 0.25g.
0.25 g - 350~480 fps.Heaviest weight for standard AEG''''s, blowback and spring guns. 
0.28 g -390~500 fps.Heaviest pellets for their APS series. 
0.30 g - 400~600 fps.Standard weight for most sniper rifles. 
0.36 ~ 0.43g - 400~600 + fps.Heavier pellets for upgrades spring and sniper rifles. high stability. 

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