why choose AIM TOP BBS
點選放大圖 點選放大圖
點選放大圖 點選放大圖
Most of these Airsoft BBs guns are equipped with tight bore 6mm inner barrels. Improperly sized BBs will not travel as far because these types of BBs are not a “tight fit” with the barrel by allow air to escape around the BBs within the barrel instead of trapping the air behind the BB allowing it to push the BBs harder out of the barrel. 

therefore precision bbs we carry provides minimum deviation  diameter as close to your inner barrel as possible with the lowest deviations. To ensure maximum accuracy, range and power without jamming,so very strictly control quality on bbs. 

Here have information about pellet weights and their usage reference  
0.12 g200~280 fps. Used by some gas and spring weapons. High velocity and low stability.

0.20 g240~350 fps.Standard weight for most AEG's/GBB's uses these or slightly heavier pellets. 

0.23 g330~420 fps. Heavier pellets for AEG's. Blends speed of 0.20g with range and accuracy of 0.25g.

0.25 g350~480 fps.Heaviest weight for standard AEG's, blowback and spring guns. 

0.28 g -390~500 fps.Heaviest pellets for their APS series. 

0.30 g400~600 fps.Standard weight for most sniper rifles. 

0.36 ~ 0.43g400~600 + fps.Heavier pellets for upgrades spring and sniper rifles. high stability. 

NOTE: All BB weights are in grams (g)

More informations please feel free contact sales@jiadyi.com. 

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